A Letter From Socki

It really can happen to any sock. You ride the waves a little too hard in the washer and tucker yourself out. Things get a little hazy in the dryer and all of sudden you're like every other lost sock in the world. You're solo, alone and can't go on any more adventures.

That's how my story started, waking up in the dryer without my other half only to wonder if he's been thrown away. Selfishly I worried about myself first. What would happen to me now that I was a solo sock?  Would I just be discarded and find myself slowing fading like all the other lost socks. Would my fate be worse
My path seemed to take a positive turn when I was greeted by a long lost friend, Winston who I thought would have been a sock full of holes by now but instead took me under his wing and assured me that he could get me home.
Socki talking it over with Winston

That's where things fell apart. You see, Winston needed a little help but I didn't know that help meant selling soap in the clubs.
Socks partying a little too hard

I swear, I didn't know!  But things got a little out of hand. I started trying some of the soap....and it ended up being a whole new adventure. An adventure that I probably shouldn't have been on but it led to me where I am today. In debt to a sock named Labbit after losing all of my thread at the tables.
Socki gambling too hard at the tables - socks with a story

I'm writing this letter because I'm finally on a path to recovery and it's important that you understand my story. Not because I want you to feel sorry for me but because MrMi, my other half, won’t make it on his own. He needs you to join us on this journey by visiting MrMiSocki.com

Comic Inspired, Mismatched Socks - MrMiSocki (Mr-Mi-Socki) is a sock line for the creatively inclined.

 Volume 2.1 - Tony TwoToes & Leftie Socks for $ 18.00Socks with a storyVolume 3.1 -Labbit & Chip (MrMiSocki x Kidrobot) for $ 12.00

 Based on a comic we created about a sock who wakes in the dryer only to realize that he's lost his other half. The only way for him to find his way home is through the underground world of solo socks. 

Every volume we release comes with a comic and a pair of mismatched socks that represent characters from the story. Each volume will be sold in limited supply.
These could truly be the most creative socks in the world!
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