About Us

MrMiSocki was started by two guys who really love socks and design:

Munish Taneja, CEO - has spent a number of years in technology product management and business development. He currently works at Google as a Mobile UX lead. Funky socks have always been a unique obsession for Munish and he wanted to apply the versatile skillset he developed throughout his career to create something that would bring joy to people's lives.

A. T. Pratt, CCO (Chief Creative Officer) - is a multi-disciplinary cartoonist, illustrator, fine artist, designer and self-publisher. Each project he creates aims to tackle words and pictures in new and exciting ways, incorporating handmade additions like pop-ups and foldouts in his comics, and now with socks leaping from the flat comic page into real life!

We hope you love MrMiSocki as much as we do! 

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