Limited Edition, Comic Inspired, Mismatched Socks

A sock line doesn't have to just be about funky designs.

Our limited edition sock collection is released in volumes. Every pack comes with our comic book story and mismatched socks that represent characters from each volume.

Get the limited pairs while they last! Volumes are not being restocked!

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Adventure, intrigue, and socks. Although the un-sexy foot garment often gets a bad rap for falling into the uninspired-dad-gifts category, it certainly doesn't where MrMiSocki's concerned. The brand's very cool-and-comfortable styles come with a comic-book backstory that's literally sewn into each foot. Intrigued?

"These are the best socks I own and I have a ton of socks with crazy/fun designs. These stand out and always get compliments whenever I wear them. Love how each one has a story as well! They are super comfy and wash well. Highly recommend to EVERYONE!" -MrMiSocki Super Fan

We didn't want to just create another sock that promised to be super comfortable and funky enough to get you a compliment here and there. Although our socks are probably the most comfortable socks ever and you'll be blushing all day from the compliments you receive, we wanted them to do so much for you. To bring you joy throughout your day. To be something that you thought about and wanted to talk about because you loved the comic story, or the characters or even just the designs.