A sock line doesn't have to just be about funky designs. MrMiSocki aims to provide more of an experience that bring fashion and creativity together. Our sock collection is released in volumes and comes with our comic book story and mismatch socks that represent characters from each of those volumes. 

We believe that you should connect with every piece of clothing that you put on and to know their story is the only way to truly create an intimate relationship. At MrMiSocki, we believe that every sock has a story. Every single one of them.

MrMiSocki is a story of a solo sock, embarking on an incredible adventure in pursuit of becoming a pair once more. Together, they are MrMiSocki. Alone, he is just Socki, traveling through the dark and chaotic underground sock world to find his mate. Every volume is dedicated to new characters that we introduce throughout the solo sock world.  

You see, we didn't want to just create another sock that promised to be super comfortable and funky enough to get you a compliment here and there. Although our socks are probably the most comfortable socks ever and you'll be blushing all day from the compliments you receive, we wanted them to do so much for you. To bring you joy throughout your day. To be something that you thought about and wanted to talk about because you loved the comic story, or the characters or even just the designs.   

We hope that they make you smile from the very instant you put them on to the moment you take off your shoes after a long day. We designed our socks so they could be a secret to keep to yourself all day or a conversation piece for you to share. Whatever will bring you the most happiness.  Our mission is to foster joy and expierences through fashion accessories.

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